International Account Manager - Mandarin Speaking

  • Location: Vancouver
  • Posting Date: April 22, 2021
  • Job Order ID: 515678
  • Consultant: Trevor Baker
  • Industry: Consumer Packaged Goods
International Account Manager - Mandarin Speaking

Our client is a Vancouver based multi-national manufacturer of high quality better for you and wellness products. Due to strong Chinese demand for their products, our client is seeking a strong Inside Sales Account Manager, fluent in Mandarin to join their team to handle the business in the region. This company is one of Canada's best employers, and is an employer of choice in the Lower Mainland. The position offers long term growth as you will be working in the corporate head office, and will have opportunity to grow and develop into more senior positions over time.

Some of what you will do in this role includes:
  • Engage with overseas clients to develop new business, introduce and ship products as well as conduct product knowledge, product awareness and product education events in support of your distribution partners
  • Process customer orders in alignment with policies/procedures and service level goals, achieving minimal errors during data entry into the system
  • Process out-going shipments of export orders, understanding export compliance and documentation required for all types of shipments
  • Provide customers with accurate and timely quotes in alignment with policies/procedures and service level goals
  • Keep records of customer interactions or transactions, recording details of inquiries, complaints or comments, as well as actions taken
  • Ensure customer needs are always clearly understood and acted upon at appropriate service levels
  • Respond to customers and provide on-going updates on any open customer requests or issues
  • Engage with customers as needed to provide requested information about products and/or the appropriate contact information for technical detail/support or respond to details of an inquiry / complaint
  • Study product information to acquire professional and working knowledge of products and services
  • Assists in selling through partner organizations to end users in coordination with channel partner marketing and sales resources
  • Proactively assesses, clarifies, and validates channel partner needs on an ongoing basis
  • Support colleagues, both inside customer service and in other departments, collaborating to help support customers and other functional business areas when needed
You should have the following in your background to apply:
  • Fluent in Mandarin
  • Fluent in English
  • Strong customer service acumen
  • Able to travel to China when safe to do so
  • Excellent technical ability with MS Office, particularly with Excel
  • Post secondary education
  • Sales experience
Next steps:

If this sounds like a role where you could excel, please apply today!

国际客户经理-普通话 我们的客户是一家总部位于温哥华的跨国公司,致力于为您和健康产品提供更优质的产品。由于中国对其产品的需求旺盛,我们的客户正在寻求强大的内部销售客户经理,他们会说普通话,并加入他们的团队来处理该地区的业务。该公司是加拿大最好的雇主之一,也是低陆平原地区的首选雇主。随着您将在公司总部工作,该职位将提供长期的增长,并且随着时间的推移将有机会成长和发展为更高的职位。 您将在此职位上做的一些事情包括: 与海外客户开展业务,开发新业务,介绍和运送产品,并开展产品知识,产品意识和产品培训活动,以支持您的分销合作伙伴 根据政策/程序和服务水平目标来处理客户订单,从而在将数据输入系统中的过程中实现最小的错误 处理出口订单的外发货物,了解出口合规性和所有类型的货物所需的文件 根据政策/程序和服务水平目标,为客户提供准确及时的报价 保留客户互动或交易的记录,记录查询,投诉或评论的详细信息以及已采取的措施 确保始终清楚地了解客户需求并以适当的服务水平采取行动 通过电话或电子邮件回复客户,以提供有关任何未解决的客户要求或问题的持续更新 根据需要通过电话或电子邮件与客户互动,以提供所需的产品信息和/或适当的联系信息以获取技术详细信息/支持,或回复查询/投诉的详细信息 研究产品信息以获得产品和服务的专业知识和工作知识 与渠道合作伙伴营销和销售资源协调,协助通过合作伙伴组织向最终用户销售产品 持续主动地评估,澄清和验证渠道合作伙伴的需求 客户服务部门和其他部门的支持同事在需要时进行协作以帮助支持客户和其他职能业务领域 您应该具备以下背景才能申请: 普通话流利 流利的英语 强大的客户服务和自信地通过电话销售的能力 能够在安全的情况下前往中国 具有MS Office的出色技术能力,尤其是Excel 专上教育 销售经验 下一步: 如果这听起来像是您可以脱颖而出的角色,请立即申请!