• Location: Vancouver
  • Posting Date: May 24, 2019
  • Job Order ID: 222445
  • Consultant: Trevor Baker
  • Industry: Consumer Packaged Goods

With the support of an entrepreneurial and engaged owner, as well as a supportive Board of Directors, our client is seeking a strong commercially minded President to run their manufacturing operation in the Lower Mainland. This complex role involves management of all commercial operations, oversight of manufacturing, finance, logistics, marketing and other departments.

Some of what you will do in the role of President includes:
  • Lead the development and ongoing oversight of the strategic plan to guide the Business
  • Work with management to build an effective Leadership Team
  • Lead in facilitating growth opportunities into new areas
  • Create further “Moats” or differentiating factors for the business vs competition
  • Promote a culture that reflects the Company’s values, encourage good performance, and reward productivity
  • Provide feedback, mentoring and guidance of the management teams
  • In collaboration with department managers - set departmental goals, objectives, priorities and metrics
  • Provide oversight and back-up for senior leaders
  • Set Management level KPI’s and conduct quarterly management performance reviews
  • Ensure a continual review of staff with the intention of keeping a high performer expectation with the team
  • Work with the Management Team to prepare a comprehensive budget
  • Review and Approve company and dept. forecasts and budgets
  • Set Financial KPI’s
  • Provide direction, standards, analysis, reviews and feedback of financials and metrics
  • Set margin and pricing expectations
  • Provide oversight and approval on costing, pricing, margins and commodity buying
  • Provide clear direction and objectives for Warehouse and Logistics managers
  • Provide oversight of sourcing and costing of new products
  • Provide support and relationships through Key Account Managers with top key accounts
  • Ensure a customer-centric approach to sales
  • Ensure Portfolio and Creative selling which focuses on what makes company different
  • Ensuring compliance at all levels of the regulatory framework
  • Oversight of legal liability issues and legal contracts
To apply for this position, you should have most of the following in your background:
  • Senior management experience of at least 10 years in a fast-paced customer service environment
  • A strong understanding of sales, logistics, finance and operations
  • Education: post-secondary education preferably a degree in business or sales
  • Able to develop and work a team environment
  • Proven ability to grow revenues
  • Excellent customer relations skills with willingness to do what is needed
  • Strong analytical skills and ability to turn information into effective strategies and plans
  • Ability to prioritize needs of the role
  • Natural leadership abilities
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Customer focused, creative, self-motivated with high energy and an engaging level of enthusiasm
If this sounds like a role where you could excel, please apply today!