Senior leasing Manager

  • Location: Toronto
  • Posting Date: July 06, 2021
  • Job Order ID: 677309
  • Consultant: Michael Sherwood
  • Industry: Hospitality
The Senior Leasing Manager plays a key role in the success of our client’s expanding franchise business by helping to ensure that suitable sites and locations for restaurants are secured.
Working closely with Area Developers and potential Franchisees the Senior Leasing Manager evaluates and recommends new restaurant sites, and ensures that all required documentation is in order. Developing and maintaining positive working relationships with developers, landlords, relevant legal counsel and insurers is also critical to this role’s success.

Role and Responsibilities

  • Working directly with Area Developers and Franchisees to evaluate proposed sites, and schedule and conduct weekly Real Estate Site Review meetings, for senior management approval
  • Reviewing, negotiating and executing Offer to Lease and Leases
  • Resolving landlord disputes related to insurance, hours of operation, use restrictions,
  • Maintaining positive business relationships with development and commercial real estate communities to ensure the company’s prior knowledge of upcoming developments as well as new vacancies
  • Negotiating with brokers, landlords and their legal counsel
  • Working with corporate office team members to ensure adherence to corporate paperwork control requirements
Specific Skills Required
  • Strong negotiation skills
  • Keen attention to detail and strong organization skills
  • Proven project planning and management skills
  • Strong verbal communication skills, including tact and diplomacy
  • Good written communications skills
  • Good understanding of legal terminology and language
  • Self managing and proactive; able to make independent decisions
  • Proficient with Google Docs, Google Sheets, MS Word, Excel,
  • Experience using database software, such as Zoho (to store and track information)
Experience & Education Required
  • Post secondary education, preferably in business and at least 5 years of role- related experience , or at least 5 years of experience in commercial real estate leasing in a national, multi-unit retail company
  • Prior experience negotiating both financial and legal terms of both Offers to Lease and Commercial leases
  • Knowledge and experience with construction, permits and property management issues
  • Prior experience working with landlords, developers, brokers, property managers, contractors, lawyers, area developers, franchisees and insurors