Territory Manager - Cantonese Speaking

  • Location: Vancouver
  • Posting Date: November 15, 2019
  • Job Order ID: 237607
  • Consultant: Trevor Baker
  • Industry: Consumer Packaged Goods
Territory Manager - Food Service - Cantonese or Mandarin Speaking

Our client is a leading manufacturer of specialty food products that are sold in mainstream and ethnic grocers and restaurants across the country. With a growing base of business, our client is seeking a Cantonese or Mandarin speaking Market Development Manager based from a home office in Metro Vancouver. This role is primarily responsible for working with distributors, and food service outlets to develop sales and to meet assigned targets.

Some of what you will do in this role includes:
  • Achieving the sales expectations with Vancouver based accounts in the Chinese Canadian market
  • Execute and monitor promotional activities within the A&P budget
  • Work with supermarkets to promote the sale of products – both greater variety and increased quantities
  • Ensure supermarket product pricing, shelf space, and promotional periods and locations are accurate and eye-appealing
  • Prepare periodic reports for management on market intelligence including recommendations to meet or counter competitor actions
  • Maintain positive relationships with existing customers; explore and build relationships with others to develop more business opportunities
  • Timely handle customers’ inquiries
  • Handle expired and damage products
  • Prepare quality plans, budgets, presentations and reports as required
  • Execute various sales and marketing projects, including management and administrative duties
  • Management of one additional member of the sales team
In order to apply you should have most of the following in your background:
  • Post secondary education
  • 3-5 years’ experience in a sales function in CPG
  • Must speak Cantonese or Mandarin fluently
  • Previous management and sales rep experience
  • Proficient in MS Office applications
  • Comfortable presenting in large and small group settings
  • Knowledgeable on business math with good analytical skills
  • Must have a valid driver’s license and clear abstract
Some other stuff to know:
  • Position is home based
  • You will spend a lot of time driving to accounts and customers
  • You will need to travel internationally to Asia on the US on occasion
  • Compensation is negotiable based on experience
  • There is opportunity to grow with this company into progressively more senior roles over time
If this sounds like a role where you could be successful, please apply today!

亚洲账户主要客户经理 我们的客户是在全国主流和民族杂货店和餐馆销售的专业食品的领先制造商。随着业务的不断增长,我们的客户正在寻找一个位于温哥华地铁的家庭办公室的广东话或普通话市场开发经理。这个角色主要负责与温哥华地铁经销商和食品服务中心合作开发销售和达成指定目标。 您将在此角色中做的一些工作包括: •在中国加拿大市场实现不列颠哥伦比亚省的账户销售预期•在A&P预算内执行和监督促销活动。•与超市合作,促进产品销售 - 增加品种和增加数量•确保超市产品定价,货架空间,促销期和地点准确无误•准备有关市场情报管理的定期报告,包括达成或反对竞争对手行动的建议•与现有客户保持积极的关系;探索和建立与他人的关系,发展更多的商机•及时处理客户的查询•处理过期并损坏产品•根据需要准备质量计划,预算,演示文稿和报告•执行各种销售和营销项目,包括管理和行政职责•管理一个额外的销售团队成员 为了应用你应该在你的背景下有以下大部分内容: •学士学位•3 - 5年的CPG销售职能经验•必须说粤语•以前的管理和销售代表经验•精通MS Office应用程序•舒适的呈现在大小组的设置•具有良好的分析能力的商业数学知识•必须具有有效的驾驶执照和明确的摘要 一些其他的东西要知道: •职位是以家为主•您将花费大量的时间驾驶到帐户和客户•您有时需要在美国境内到亚洲旅游•薪酬根据经验进行谈判•随着时间的推移,这家公司有机会成长为更高级的角色 如果这听起来像是可以成功的角色,请今天申请!