Welcome to the team Cory Olton

Posted on April 11, 2022

Meet one of the newest team members of the MacDonald Search Group family: Cory Olton. He joins us after an extensive career in operations management in the manufacturing sector.

Cory comes from an industrial engineering background with experience in production management and manufacturing. He’s worked in aerospace, automotive, rubber and plastic injection moulding, CPG, and food and beverage.

Joining MSG

One day, Bruce MacDonald gave Cory a call. Cory was in the MSG database as a candidate, so he assumed that he was a potential fit for a position with one of their clients. It turns out Bruce was curious if he was interested in a job as an executive recruiter.

Bruce and the team made sure that Cory was positioned to make the most informed choice possible, ahead of him having to decide if he would come on board. Cory was encouraged to have conversations with multiple MSG team members and to candidly ask as many questions as possible. Ensuring that this opportunity would be the right fit for Cory before he formally accepted, was extremely important to both Bruce and Cory’s manager, Paul.

Cory officially joined the team in December 2021.

Striking a balance

Coming from a very process-driven professional background in engineering, he was cautioned early on not to let his process-driven thinking create conscious or unconscious biases when working with clients and candidates. He has since learned that how a person represents themselves on paper doesn’t necessarily equate to their ability and fit for a job. He’s met a few candidates who pleasantly surprised him when they met in person.

Cory is dedicated to continually working to strike a balance between the process and unconscious biases.

A bridge connecting candidates with employers

Cory sees himself as a bridge to connect qualified candidates with employers. Getting people over that bridge and to the finish line is his favourite and most rewarding part of his job.

He doesn’t have a sales background, so he’s learning the ropes and learning how to combine his work experience and character to connect candidates and clients.

Why his lack of sales experience is an asset

Many associates at executive recruiting companies have extensive sales experience in their repertoire. Cory does not, but he actually sees that as a unique strength. This has allowed him to create a recruitment approach that is unique to him, without any preconceived expectations or background to hinder his process. He’s developed a process that is representative of who he is.

What he loves about MSG

Working at MSG has surpassed his expectations. The entire team has been supportive and helped coach him to find his personal recruitment style. He’s even contributed to making his work environment a little more pleasant by applying his technical skills to help around the office. He’s been known to hang a few pictures or help with occasional IT issues at the Mississauga office.

When he’s not the bridge between candidates and employees, he likes to keep a healthy lifestyle. He enjoys outdoor activities and going to the gym, and is passionate about visual arts like writing, painting, and drawing.