Hire top talent.

There is top talent out there and we are unshakable when it comes to finding exactly what our clients are looking for. A vacancy is a challenge we love to take on. We believe in the “purple squirrel” – recruiter metaphor for that perfect candidate with all the right experience and qualifications to check off all the boxes.

Let us help you find them.


How We Work

Every recruitment firm describes a search methodology. And yes, we follow ours to a “T” because it works. What makes us different is we enhance our process with a team of experienced Senior Consultants that have the savvy to effectively and efficiently identify the right candidates you are looking for.

We do not pass the baton…our Senior Consultants manage the entire process – research, candidate contact, interviews, references and the offer stage. (No Search Associates or Assistants here!)


Before every search assignment, we get together with you to fully understand your needs. This allows us to ask questions, determine specific requirements, and achieve a deeper understanding of your organization and culture. We want to know the story behind the hire and what success looks like before we roll up our sleeves and get to work.

Widening The Scope

Once we have a full picture of the ideal candidate, we begin our research to identify potential candidates. To round out this process, we review our internal database and may also post positions on our own website and other online job boards to attract and determine further candidates.

Filtering The Long List

Next, we contact all potential candidates. Every search involves a "headhunt" where we "market" your opportunity to all candidates whether actively looking or not. Interested and relevant candidates are directly interviewed by your Senior Consultant to assess for ability and fit. We also provide feedback on how the search is progressing.

Short List

Only when satisfied that the candidate pool is fully exhausted, we assemble our shortlist of candidates. Every submission comes with updated resumes and Consultant feedback adding context and enabling you to read between the lines.


From there, we coordinate all steps of the client selection process. We have full boardroom facilities for interviews at your disposal. And we stay connected with the candidates. That way we know where they stand on the possible position and can address any of the questions that inevitably come up.


Once you select the final candidate, your lead Consultant will personally conduct thorough reference checks. This includes verifying academic credentials and any other special security or background reports required by you. We also offer a variety of candidate assessment reports.


When you are ready to make an offer to your chosen candidate, we play an important role in bringing the pieces together. We offer advice on structuring compensation, provide counsel on negotiations and serve as a bridge resolving questions or details to everyone's satisfaction.

Check Back

Our job isn’t over once your offer is accepted. We keep in close contact with the candidate to ensure his/her transition into your organization on the start date. And we follow up with you to ensure your hire is the right fit and your needs have been met. And we back it up with an industry leading guarantee.