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Employers and job seekers in Moncton trust the experienced recruiters, staffing experts and senior consultants at MacDonald Search Group to provide great candidates and job opportunities.

We work together with client's hiring managers to fully understand their needs and provide top notch candidates that are qualified to meet and exceed expectations. Our recruiters consistently vet and screen potential matches to provide clients with the type of experienced and knowledgeable individuals that will help your company build towards the future.

Our recruiters make the job search easier by setting up job seekers for success. We work to understand your experience, career goals and aspirations to find the best fit possible to help you grow in your career. Our staffing experts are constantly looking to fill exciting job and career opportunities that can provide you with a challenge, professional growth and rewarding work.

Living & Working in Moncton

If you’re looking for a city that has a rock solid job market and a beautifully idyllic small-town feel, combined with a surrounding landscape of breathtaking nature and a gorgeous ocean front- we, at MacDonald Search Group, have a hard time thinking of a better place than Moncton!

Located on the eastern shores of Canada, Moncton is a dream location for those looking to get away from the big city life. Experience wonders like little to no traffic on your morning commutes through the rolling green hills of the countryside, easy-going and friendly locals, and breathtaking scenery anywhere you look or head to.

Moncton is known as a city where you never run out of things to do outdoors. You’re a short drive away from the Atlantic Ocean and all that it has to offer. From the sprawling coastline that offers the best lobster you’ll ever eat, to views from dining tables that are straight out of a painting, the city is a sight for sore eyes.

There are plenty of places to hike, bike, or go for long peaceful walks. While not particularly known for its nightlife, Moncton makes up for it with BBQ’s, board game cafes and easy-going live music venues and pool halls.

The job market is where Moncton truly shines, however. Due to the issues faced within the last year of the pandemic, Moncton has actually surpassed the three largest Canadian metros of Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver to take the #1 spot on the list of strongest job markets according to the latest report by the Bank of Montreal. With so much economic turmoil lately, Moncton has and will continue to remain an economic fortress within Canada.

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If you’re interested in working in Moncton we are the premium recruiters that will help you find the perfect job. Search the latest jobs in Moncton or contact us, and we will be more than happy to be of service.

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