Get to Know James Palmer

Posted on April 11, 2022

James has been a recruitment specialist at MSG for six years after a long career in B2B operations for manufacturing companies. He has got a history in sales and was the Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Great Little Box Company for 16 years. He led the company through several key acquisitions and helped it become one of the largest packaging companies in Western Canada.

After leaving the Great Little Box Company, he started applying for jobs through MSG. That was when Bruce MacDonald saw something in him and invited him to become an executive recruiter with the company.

Today, James uses his experience in the industry to recruit for industrial and B2B sales, marketing, and senior management.

James: The relationship builder

Being a recruiter is about building relationships with candidates and employers so you can find and meet the right candidates for every position. Connections and building trust are key skills for James. His experience with acquisitions at Great Little Box Company gave him the skills to build relationships quickly and assess talent, culture and fit quickly.

He’s also a highly organized person and likes to stay on top of things so he can provide the best service possible to his clients. He’s been on the other side of the recruitment desk, so he has first-hand experience of what candidates and companies require from a recruiter.

What’s his favourite part of his job? When he gets to call someone to say they are being offered an opportunity. It’s like the joy you get when finishing a puzzle. He also enjoys mentoring and providing advice to candidates throughout the process.

How to impress James

James is impressed when he meets candidates who ask good questions. When we meet for an interview, it should be the candidate interviewing James, not the other way around. Ask questions to dig deep into what the role is so you can decide if it’s the opportunity for you.

Do your due diligence and research the position and company before you meet with James.

The future of recruitment

Aside from travel and hospitality, which are still dealing with the fallout from the pandemic, James expects most other industries to start improving. We read in the news about huge staffing shortages in nearly every industry, and that’s something James has also noticed. There will be plenty of opportunities available for qualified candidates.

James believes that only one person is in charge of happiness in your life, and that’s you. He’s found his career happiness through his rewarding career with MSG.

When James is not working, he enjoys hiking with his family and travelling the world.