How to run an efficient recruitment process using an external agency

Posted on January 16, 2024

By Stuart Gannon


Working with a good recruiter comes with a host of benefits, access to their extensive candidate networks, the latest technology, market insights, and speed. It also doesn’t divert resources away from your core business.

Companies will attract higher-quality candidates, mitigate risks, and reduce the full cycle costs of recruitment when utilizing the services of a good agency.

Keep reading to learn how to get the most out of working with a professional agency.

Maximizing the benefit of using a professional agency and the key elements of a candidate search.

Element 1: Choosing the right agency and recruiter – Always choose an agency and recruiter that knows your industry and the local market. There is always an advantage in hiring a specialist instead of a generalist. A recruiter who understands their local market and has an established network will maximize your access to the available talent pool.

Do ask about their technology. Professional agencies invest in themselves, utilizing the latest technology and industry insights to remain effective. MacDonald Search Group is a National Agency with offices across Canada and a commitment to continuous development for our people, our processes and technology, and our operations.

Element 2: The intake meeting – The intake meeting is more than just understanding the requirements of the role. A professional recruiter will want to understand the work environment, the culture of the organization, and the profile of the hiring manager so they can effectively market the position to targeted candidates based on job function and culture fit.

An in-person meeting, when possible, is always preferential and ideally includes a tour of the facility/office. It is best to have a representative of the talent team and the hiring manager at the meeting. Our aim at MacDonald Search Group is to become a trusted partner that is an extension of your business.

Element 3: Collaboration – A good recruitment process is collaborative and iterative. Feedback is critical for it to be effective. Once a group of qualified, shortlisted candidates has been established, it is always best to have a meeting where the recruiter can bring the candidate profiles “off the page,” provide insights on the market, and get feedback on the profiles submitted. Our aim at MacDonald Search Group is to blend our reach and expertise with your Company’s strengths to attract the best talent available.

Element 4: A trusted advisor – Professional agencies and their recruiters have a responsibility to both their clients and their candidates. In many ways, they are neutral, operating between parties to find the best match. A good agency will provide resources, guidance, and access to additional services throughout the process. At MacDonald Search Group our objective is to deliver transformative results for both parties and create long-lasting relationships.

Are you ready to unlock the benefits of using a professional agency?

At MacDonald Search Group, we blend our expertise and services with those of your HR and hiring managers. This collaborative approach saves valuable internal resources and takes advantage of our unique specialties in the job market and your industry.

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