Meet Wade Simmons

Posted on October 15, 2021

Wade Simmons joined MacDonald Search Group after 14 years in the supply chain industry. When we asked him to join MSG as a recruiter for that industry, he knew his deep knowledge of supply chain would be a tremendous asset. It’s been four years since that day, and he’s never looked back!

Today, Wade specializes in recruitment for the supply chain industry, including logistics, purchasing, planning, and inventory management. He also hires for finance and accounting roles too. You can view his currently open positions.

Trust and Relationship building

Recruitment relies on treating people properly and building relationships, and that’s what Wade does every day at MSG. It is an amazing feeling when a candidate contacts you and now wants to be a new client. They’re hiring you to support them with a search for their business because they are happy with the way that you worked with them and communicated through the candidate process. This happened to me recently and it proves the importance of communication and treating people well.

It’s this level of trust and communication that Wade values from his connections. If you work with Wade, the best way to stay top-of-mind when he’s searching for candidates is to build that trust and good communication with him. He also values candidates who are responsive to feedback and are fully engaged in the process.

Generally, you’d expect salespeople to be very extroverted by nature, and operations staff to be the opposite. Wade doesn’t consider himself overly extroverted by nature, as you might expect from a recruitment specialist. But, that’s not stopping him from striking up conversations with candidates and clients. It’s a skill he’s become more comfortable with as he’s worked to hone these skills at MSG.

He says talking to people is one of his favourite parts of the job. Through these conversations, he learns about what others need so he can make the right connections. It’s something Wade and the entire team at MSG focus on; relationship building with candidates and clients.

Educational background and community involvement

Wade earned his Business Degree and his Diploma of Technology in International Trade and Transportation from BCIT. Since 2015, Wade has stayed involved through his seat on the BCIT Program Advisory Committee for the International Business Management Program. Wade is also an active member of the Canadian Institute of Traffic and Transportation, holding a Professional Designation in Logistics of CCLP.

He thoroughly enjoys working with his colleagues at MSG. He’s had the opportunity to work with so many incredible clients and candidates. Wade says, “it’s very exciting when you get to put someone in a role that they are over the moon excited about.”

Outside the office, Wade enjoys spending time with his wife, their two kids, and their Chocolate Lab.