Recruiting is about relationships, not resumes

Posted on May 17, 2021

By Michael Van Olm

Do you remember the first time you met a now-longtime friend? Think about when you first went to their home for dinner and how polite you were ringing the doorbell, taking off your shoes, complementing their house and belongings, and entering into first-time discussions.

Now fast forward several years and think of the relationship you have with them today. Now when you go to their house you likely just walk in, provide redecorating ideas, open the fridge to grab a beer without even asking, and your conversations are open, transparent, and significantly deeper than when you first met.

We approach our relationships with business clients like the evolution of a great friendship. As we develop long-term client relationships we become more efficient, effective, and have a greater understanding of the client’s culture and their specific recruitment expectations.

Here are my tips on how to create relationships with clients so you can enhance your business relationships:

1. Be dependable and build trust

My job is not to look for candidates that check all the boxes my clients ask for. My job is to earn your trust so I get to know more about your business culture so I can find you candidates that would be a good fit for your company values in addition to the job responsibilities. We form a mutual bond and understanding of how each of us works.

The goal is that one day soon you can come to me with only a job description and I can pull together a list of appropriate candidates for you because I already know who you are. It can be likened to me helping myself to a beer from your fridge without asking.

Once we have built a relationship based on trust, you can depend on me to find exactly what you need (even if that’s redecorating advice!).

2. Be honest and human

As recruiters, we want your business to succeed (selfishly, so you’ll come back to us later when you have another role to fill as your company grows). If you come to us with hiring needs for a specific project with a hard project deadline, we’ll let you know ASAP if that’s possible. If you’re seeking a “unicorn” of an employee, we’ll tell you the likelihood of a person with those detailed qualifications being available.

At MSG we believe in being human. Honesty is how we roll here and your company's success is our success so we’ll take an active stance in helping you succeed.

3. Be supportive, through the good and the bad

We’ve all got that one friend we can call when we need to celebrate, when we need to vent, or need to cry. Your relationship with a recruitment firm is similar. We become someone who can celebrate your wins, give you advice when you ask for it, and be there through the good times and the bad.

In the past year, we’ve all reevaluated our need for human connection and companionship. Especially when it comes to running businesses, we need partners we can rely on to get the job done. When your business finds the right recruitment firm, you become part of their family. You’ll celebrate successes together.

4. Be a good listener

In any good relationship, you need to listen to each other and have respectful debates and discussions to better each other. When we work with clients looking for their next hire, we engage in discussions, not just about the qualifications for the job, but also to hear you talk more about your company culture. It’s our turn to listen to you so we can find the right candidate, beyond their resume.

5. Have fun!

The entire team at MSG appreciates a well-placed pun or joke. We have fun because we’re doing what we love: creating relationships and connecting candidates with employers. We’re serious about our jobs, but love to indulge in the lighter moments of life too.

Around us, feel free to let loose if you’d like. We feel that when we’re all relaxed and casual, that’s when we can learn more about each other. This makes the times when we all need to get down to business, more enjoyable and productive.

Recruiting doesn’t stop at the resume

To find you the perfect candidate we need to go deeper than the job description. We need to understand you and your team to find a candidate that would mix well with your company culture and expectations.

Recruiting is more about creating relationships than checking off boxes on a resume. That’s what my team and I at MacDonald Search Group focus on.

If you share these values, let’s have a chat and get to know each other and our businesses. We’d love to hear more about the goals of your company, your corporate values, and how we can help you achieve your goals by hiring the perfect candidates.