Welcome to the team Dana Lammana

Posted on November 02, 2021

We’re honoured to welcome our newest associate, Dana Lammana, to the MacDonald Search Group family in our new Toronto office. Dana is a seasoned recruiter bringing extensive recruiting experience across various industries.

Becoming a recruiter wasn’t something she set out to do at first. After graduating from the Ivey School of Business at Western University coupled with a Bachelor’s degree in Medical Sciences, she started working with a recruiter to find a Pharmaceutical sales job. At this time in 2008, the economy was bad so finding a placement was challenging, but her recruiter saw something in her and offered her a job in pharmaceutical recruitment.

Thirteen years later, she has recruited for a variety of positions on behalf of life sciences, consumer goods, industrial, and business-to-business companies. Because she understands the industries she recruits in and works hard to get to know each candidate, she is better able to help her clients find the “needle in a haystack” hire they’re seeking, and assist candidates in finding their dream job.

Her favourite part of the job? The people. She enjoys helping people make big life decisions and guiding them through the process to change their lives. She enjoys hearing from candidates years later who are often at the same company but have earned a spot higher on the ladder.

“The process of recruiting is similar place to place. But ultimately, the biggest difference is the people behind the company,” she says when talking about her decision to join MSG. She joined because she already knew some of the team members and loves how much everyone goes above and beyond for their candidates and clients.

Dana recalls stories from many of her searches but particularly remembers a candidate she helped find a new job in another province. This was more than just a new job as it involved moving his whole family too. It highlights how much she loves helping people make these big career and life decisions when the stakes go way beyond just getting a good paycheque. For this candidate, it was about his whole family making a lifestyle change. The last time she looked, he was still working for the same company and thriving.

If you are a client or candidate working with Dana, what can you do to impress her? She values honesty and transparency above many other things. Her approach to recruiting is about partnering with you to find the right fit. It takes work on both sides to be successful.

With 13 years in recruitment, she’s seen the industry change and technology evolve but she believes you can never replace the human element of professional recruitment with an algorithm.

Dana is returning to work after maternity leave, and we’re excited that she chose the MSG team as her new home.