Welcome to the team: Michael Sherwood (aka Woody)

Posted on May 17, 2021

We’re excited to welcome Michael Sherwood (aka “Woody”) to our team in Toronto. He studied Hotel and Restaurant Management and is a resident foodie of the team. He spent many years in the food service industry before joining us in December 2020.

He never planned to become a recruiter; his dad actually tried to talk him out of it. But after working with a recruiter himself, the owner of that firm said that he’d actually make a great recruiter and invited him to join his team. He jumped in and never looked back. Then recently, Bruce MacDonald invited him to join his new recruitment team in Toronto to help build out their food and beverage portfolio in the region.

Woody has recruited for every role imaginable in Foodservice, Hospitality, Tourism, Restaurant (QSR, Casual & Casual fine dining), hotel and resort. Even though the hospitality industry is a bit upside down right now, he’s expecting the industry to start picking up and hiring at a rapid pace soon.

Despite the slow pace of the industry right now, Woody is actively seeking candidates for several roles. He’s spending more time with candidates and clients and forming genuine relationships so he knows exactly who to refer when the next job comes down the pipe. For candidates, he really wants to know what you’re like to work with and for clients, he wants to get to know the company culture and what it’s like to work for them.

When Woody is not working, he loves to golf and go biking. Connect with Woody now to talk about your future career in the food and beverage industry.