Welcome to the team Mike Carter

Posted on September 30, 2022

Mike Carter is one of the most recent additions to the MacDonald Search Group Team in our Toronto office. His first introduction to MSG was as a candidate who our very own Paul Cannon placed in a B2B Sales role with Michelin in 2017. Mike used his transferable skills learned in advertising experience for the company. Then, earlier this year, Paul Cannon reconnected with Mike, but this time with an invitation to join his team as an executive recruiter.

At MSG, Mike specializes in B2B & Industrial Sales roles, an area he knows a lot about, having been in that industry for 10 years. Previously having been on that career path, he knows what people in these careers are thinking. He knows what might make them move to another company and how to get their attention and gauge their interest. He’s been cold-called by other recruiters throughout his career and knows his reasons for ignoring some and opening conversations with others. He uses this experience to be the best career advocate for candidates.

He’s also passionate about reaching out to new Canadians looking for work. He’s seen a considerable gap among many Canadian employers who discount the international education and experience of new Canadians, yet they are qualified for the role.

He sees his job as connecting qualified candidates, no matter where they come from, with the right employer who values the contribution they bring. Mike enjoys helping candidates find opportunities they didn’t know existed and assisting employers in finding the right new hire for their company.

In his personal time, Mike loves playing baseball, going to concerts, and spending weekends outdoors with his wife and son.

Learn more about Mike and see his current job postings on our site.

Welcome to the team, Mike!