Welcome to the team: Ryan Lee

Posted on October 27, 2023

Let’s warmly welcome one of our newest team members, Ryan Lee! He joins the Vancouver recruitment team with an extensive supply chain and logistics background.

Ryan was born and raised in Vancouver and has a Bachelor’s of Business Administration and a Diploma in International Business Management and Supply Chain from BCIT. He became a jack-of-all-trades in the local supply chain and logistics industry for major food and beverage companies, building up relationships and absorbing as much about the industry as possible.

One of the connections Ryan made was a recruiter at MacDonald Search Group, who earlier this year, saw his potential to join the MSG team. Ryan joined MSG in September 2023.

Earlier into his career journey, Ryan brings a new perspective to the team. He relates to other younger candidates who are recently in their professions, as Ryan was there himself not long ago. The challenges they’re facing now are still fresh in his mind, so he can better empathize and understand the candidates he works with.

Ryan’s was heads down through the pandemic and had a front row seat on how the supply chain evolved into a specialty that gets more respect now than ever before. He believes that the spotlight the pandemic put on supply chains has reinforced the importance of this role in companies.

“It's something that's come up in a lot of conversations with candidates,” says Ryan. “The pandemic really magnified how important the supply chain is. Now, companies are investing and building out their teams to ensure they're properly resourced to support their growth.”

He’s already noticed companies being more discerning about who they hire to fill supply chain roles.

During his time at MSG, his most memorable experience was when he got a call from a candidate he was working with. She called to tell Ryan how great it was to work with him. This candidate said she’s worked with other recruiters before, but none of them asked the right, in-depth career and experience questions that Ryan did. Getting kudos like this early in his new career as a recruiter gave him incredible motivation to move forward.

Ryan enjoys an active lifestyle outside of the office. He enjoys working out, cycling, and playing hockey, softball, and golf.

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